Emperor horse is exposed to the sun a person of extraordinary powers casts 180 million euro will sign Mu Ba Pei

The player such as admire of Molada, J collect, admire, Daniluo left emperor horse in succession in this summer, and emperor horse issues the base of a fruit besides the autograph abstruse –阿爱上海同城


Aiernadesi and Saibalue this outside, fall without the autograph too much new player comes fill their vacant. Occupy nevertheless ” Ma Ka signs up for ” newest report, of seismic class turn meeting be about to appear, emperor horse has issued Monaco supernova with respect to the autograph Mubapeida became a total 180 million euro turns the day price contract of membership due!

Local time Zhou Er in the morning, ” Ma Ka signs up for ” explode a fierce makings, emperor horse and Monaco turn with resp爱上海同城

ect to Mu Ba Pei can reach tentative agreement, and about 180 million euro always turn membership due, ” Ma Ka signs up for ” expressing is 160 million euro adds form of floating of on 20 million euro, nevertheless al新上海贵族宝贝论坛

so news source reports the proportion of float clause is larger, it is 150 million euro adds float of on 30 million euro, but anyhow, if this trades to succeed finall上海千花网交友

y, mu Ba Pei will break the player that Bogeba created last summer to turn membership due record!

According to the report, mu Ba Pei will receive a yearly salary in emperor horse 6 years of contracts of 7 million euro, it is emperor horse not only, the team such as graceful city also seeks the opportunity of Ba Pei of the Mu below the autograph in effort recently. The Mu Ba Pei that resents 19 years old shines brilliantly in the sports season in the past, come on the stage 29 times in law armour hit into 15 balls, help Monaco defeats Parisian fiesta side graceful seize champion of armour of do sth in the proper way, ou Guan also has very wonderful show, at the same time he had finished a show on behalf of French nation group, today summer about the message with each intended to him rich and powerful family incessant Yu Er. (reporte上海龙凤论坛sh1f

r Shang Min)

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