Netizens look stayed! Wuhan university new officer spends picture of photo of fourth graceful graceful

Sina report says, the exposure on the net Wuhan university holds the post of school beautiful person selected newly, she calls Ding Tingting. The netizen sees after she basks in the photo picture that give, express, the skin is pretty good, countenance is elegant and elegant.

The netizen is soft: School is beautiful, phoneticize: Xiaohua, synonym: Jest, meaning: If flower of fierce senior colonel is not Wu Qian! So Chinese jest remains phoenix elder sister only, feel embarrassed, phoenix elder sister is compared above this good-looking still much;

Netizen Huang Wenyu’s old friend: Two when fierce senior colonel spends my place to know not up to much. Key this what! What brow draws is too terrible also!

Netizen A1 takes money: Informal now a schoolgirl can say she is school flower hearing school flower to feel to meet before is inside and outside hold repaired beautiful girl concurrently. Can feeling only now is one grows possibly to be in school woman student

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