” quanta is broken ” imbroglio of Windows 10 edition 980 still do not have 30 frame

Although ” quanta is broken ” edition having PC, but PC edition can be bought in Windows 10 store only and amuse oneself. Had however ” warlike machine: Culminating edition ” and ” barrow beautiful shadow ” precedent, the impression that Windows 10 store leaves to PC player is bad. Now of day put on sale ” quanta is broken ” , according to American player explode makings, escape hard also it seems that tragic destiny. Allegedly Windows 10 edition ” quanta is broken ” put in many technology issue, GTX 980 returns short of even below low resolution 30 frame.

Twitter user Joseph Bradford explodes on game forum NeoGAF makings say, windows 10 edition ” quanta is broken ” did not exit game option even, he can use Alt+tab key to shut only.

Additionally he still says game of edition of Windows 10 PC wants to have in the battle more the operation with accurate essence, need uses XB1 game handle. He says: ” quanta is broken ” the picture is general. Although compare XB1 edition good-looking, but also in that way. And still have problem of many painting qualitative technology. My 980 leaving whole course character in small painting is under 30 frame.

The store of Windows 10 game of respecting Microsoft, actually from ” barrow beautiful shadow: Rise abruptly ” begin, the game that after this lands has a player to reflect all sorts of problems all the time. Microsoft knows these problems of course. On recent Bulid congress, microsoft mentioned UWP, say they can perfect experience of UWP platform game stage by stage, include to use newest synchronous technology Gsync/Freesync, support MOD, show all sorts of PC character such as card more. Among them synchronous technology will support the most quickly in May, and more and other PC are characteristic, be afraid just can support later even. This is pardonable also today of put on sale ” quanta is broken ” PC edition game still imbroglio.

PS: This is foreign player him Bradford only explode makings, can not represent overall real case. At present nevertheless game experience has Windows 10 store really defective, if you are interested in this game, suggest everybody or conscientiously buy XB1 edition.

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