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Present social progress rhythm is very fast, be in the people in duty field personally, classics regular meeting feels exhaustion of body and mind, still popular feeling becomes easily blundering, this healthy to the person’s body and mind harm is very great, to solve this problem, everybody often can be doneForum of Shanghai night net

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Gem gal sit in meditation, when doing gem gal sit in meditation, whole person can be loosened come down, can want to understand a lot of problems, the introduction makes a lot of profit of gem gal sit in meditation below.

What profit does gem gal sit in meditation have?

What gem gal cross one’s legs sits is goodNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Everybody of 1. double plate can drill, although 60 years old begin practice to rise,

2. double plate drillsLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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It is bones and muscles not only, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Open main and collateral channels entirely however.

If 3. drills, hold to double plate to sit 20 minutes everyday, insurable 70 years old of mountain-climbing are like groups small. Daily and basic 100 disease are not unripe.

After 4. double plate drills, sit in meditation won’t again the waist aches. Kidney gas is enough, think bend is worn even the waist sits impossible, those who enrage full meeting to carry back on the head is very straight.

After 5. begins practice a few days, the leg that can last aches, meet next the waist aches. When drilling, also ache all the time.

What profit does gem gal sit in meditation have?

Some of exercise opening hip is done before 6. drills the law is seat of honour specificly, try next double plate, until dish go up, next very reluctantly, till time longer and longer.

7. experienced double plate, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis quickly. Although practice opens instantly after the meal, the stomach after 20 minutes is discharged entirely empty.

8. double plate opens arteries and veins of blood of leg ministry main and collateral channels not only, and can open hip joint.

Actually the ankle pinned the pose of 9. double plate the main artery of ham inside, for get through artery, the heart can increase force pump blood, consequently can arteries and veins of blood of ministry of get through leg.

10. is before arteries and veins of blood of ministry of get through leg, because double leg artery does not cross blood, because blood of this whole body is centered in the upper part of the body, and right now the heart is increasing the power that offer blood again, accordingly, the vital organs of the human body can get offerring blood in great quantities, improve function of internal organs of the body quickly, promote cerebrum to offer blood.

Everybody of sitting position of gem gal cross one’s legs can practice, even if is begin from 60 years old. Double plate practice must be bones and muscles not only, open main and collateral channels entirely however, open inflexible hip department, make haemal circulation more smooth thereby.

What profit does gem gal sit in meditation have?

If practice cross one’s legs, after practice becomes double plate can daily hold to, short-term inside although do not have apparent effect, but elapse slowly as time, wait 229 years1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Hind with compare again with age person, no matter be appearance or constitution, can have a disparate result. This also is why some old people till 70 years old, mountain-climbing, pedestrian still ability to walk is agile, do not pant, compare even yearFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Light person has energy more it seems that!

Want to understand, face-lifting of gem gal unlike, can let get marked change quickly inside short time — gem gal often says namely accumulate Sha Chengda, change person at aeriform, of gem gal great, also have savor of body of the ability in holding to indefatigably only! Person if this lifetime did not hold to a significant issue, that is a kind of waste to life simply. If this one thing has not been chosen good, that from the exercise gem gal double leg dish sitting position begins.

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