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Does shuttlecock reduce weight? It is good that the kind that still carries ran decreases fertilizer efficiency fruit? Ran and1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Shuttlecock is the means of a kind of motion, the campaign that and these two kinds of motion also are tall spends, say so to reducing weight for be first-rate, shuttlecock and ran are a kind of fitness, the good method of be good at body, also can strengthen our fitness with these athletic way, so does shuttlecock reduces weight or ran reduce weight?

Most enter this truth: ? Is  Qian Xia tranquil? 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
The total quantity of heat that total quantity of heat is less than output you can reduce weight

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Be based on above say, does the thing that your motion wants to see you eat have very high quantity of heat?

If reduce weight the athletic: that what kind attributes is the movement that should see you? Cowardly of reason of act of spruce stroke Xi wakes Xi?

1. badminton is have oxygen campaign

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Shanghai Long Feng forum

2/3. It is of course campaign having oxygen is more active

Normally efficient body building having oxygen is best motion reducing weight. So-called exercise having oxygen is to point to in those athletic processes, through breathing gets oxygen, can furnish continuously athletic muscle, metabolization candy falls in enzymatic action yuan and adipose in order to provide energy, manage the campaign that has ceaselessly, if cycle, on foot, on stair, ran, swim wait for motion. Alleged and efficient it is to show amount of the joint that enlists campaign inside unit time, muscle is much. Resemble can toing step on of the leg row motion. Consider to make clear, motion having oxygen exceeds 20 minutes, after the blood sugar in blood is used up basically, the body is about to bring candy into play yuan and adipose provide energy as heat source. The training of motion having oxygen that undertakes above 20 minutes every time so is the most effective to reducing weight.

The project of the motion that do not have oxygen with common 4. has: If strength of race, weight lifting, cast, high jump, tug-of-war, muscle trains,wait.

Shuttlecock and ran are to be able to use those who help us reduce weight, shuttlecock and ran suggest everybody everydayFall in love with the sea

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Do, two kinds of methods are done, such to reducing weight for the effect just is best, had better be the mobile time that has allotted oneself and territory, reduce weight to oneself so for also be the clearest, still have a lot of campaign to reducing weight it is possible, other athletic way can choose to help if everybody feels the result is bad from1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Oneself reduce weight.

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