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Get worse and worse as empty temperamental quantitative change, more and more people suffer from rhinitis, rhinitis can let people feel very afflictive, often feel nose is particularly dry, still some people are long-term snorty, people is in snorty when not can self-conscious go sucking drivel, the meeting in the process that a lot of people are sucking drivel feels in the end aches, this may be to suck drivel to bring about cerebrum too suddenly forcibly anoxic those who cause, so is sucking nose to headache how to return a responsibility?

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Suck nose to headache

Tonsil is phlogistic common treatment is to enhance constitution and immune power, acute tonsil is phlogistic should treat adequately. With slow severe Shu Ning grain treats tonsil phlogistic result is right, adding Amoxilin to wait. Drink more at ordinary times board La Genshui, can rise to prevent action. Consider respiratory tract infectionShanghai Long Feng forum

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, fluid of profess to convinced of double the rhizome of Chinese goldthread of profess to convinced treats a cold, such effects are very good. Enhance physical training, eat the fruit with high content of C of a few vitamins. Precautionary cold is the most important the fitness that still is oneself, enhancing physical training so is most important.

Suck nose to headache

Have a headache the consideration is much as a result of, cross fit of sexual cerebral hemorrhage, cervical vertebra disease, the head offers hematic inadequacy, nerve sex has a headache, wait for a reason, and turn brain is relative, the possibility that considers cervical vertebra fault so is large, have more lower his head to work at a pose, stay up late, wait for a reason, improve undesirable way of life, avoid to maintain a pose, timely seek medical advice checks cervical vertebra CT, hemal colour exceeds understanding bloodForum of Shanghai night net

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The canal has without pathological changes.

Drink water to be able to make the body come loose more hot, wet one’s whistle, be on guard or defer the happening of cough, be helpful for alleviating winter climate is changeful what bring to the body is unwell, the help maintains physiology balance, be on guard and be far from cold cough to keep healthy, can profess to convinced a few board tea of series medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water can remove the clear hot detoxify such as La Gen to prevent sanitarian action. Eat those who contain a lot ofdimension C moreShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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With vegetable, rest more, much activity.

Suck nose to headache

Consider virus to cause, use virus Zun actively, penicillin, erythromycin control, eat bit of vitamin C, enhance strength. ; cannot eat hot, the food of deepfry, can accentuate otherwise, still should drink hot water more, optimistic mood, can promote the vigor of immune system, rest more, decrease everyday activity, avoid excessive overworked.

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