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Talcum powder is to often use a kind of thing on darling body, basically be to prevent to heat up the happening of prickly heat, and can prevent eczema, because talcum powder can suck sweat, we go up in darling body daub talcum powder, absorb sweat, can avoid a bacterium cause, prevented bacterial infection thereby. Eczema besides it is itself cutaneous outside affecting a factor, still likely dietary problem is caused, this respect mom should want to cause take seriously.

Talcum powder is useful to eczema

The inflammation sex skin disease that eczema is a kind of common skin that causes by elements of a variety of inside and outside and dermal shallow-layer. Its characteristic itchs for self-conscious and acuteness Sao, leather damage is polymorphous quality, distributing symmetrically, have oozy tendency, chronic Cheng, turn over recrudesce easily to make.

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Wait for allergy, mite of inspiratory pollen, dirt, abb and feather also can produce allergy. Suffer from chronic cholecystitis, tonsil phlogistic, gingivitis, bowel verminosis, cold, damp and hot and scratch catch stimulation to wait to all can become hair pathogeny element.

Talcum powder is useful to eczema

Darling treats eczema, oozy to having Huang Shui’s scabby place, daub of the peanut oil that can pass with boil first, soya-bean oil infiltrates, after waiting for 1 ~ 2 hours, with Wen Shui generalShanghai noble baby

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Yellow scab is washed, reoccupy 1% ~ 4Shanghai night net

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Fluid or 0.5% furan Xi Linrong fluid wet apply 15 ~ 20 minutes, ointment of zinc oxide of Er of Nuo of husband of the thunder on final blot out. Huang Shui disappears basically, but outside vitamin of put on the skin B6 frost or hydrogenation cortisone ointment. Additional, goluptious also take desensitization drug, c of compensatory vitamin and calcic agent.

Talcum powder is useful to eczema

And the bases of talcum powder is magnesium of French chalk, boric acid, carbonic acid and flavor. Because what talcum powder contains boric acid composition to differ, cent is used to grow up and children uses two kinds. Talcum powder besides can absorb sweat fluid, slippery bright skin, also can reduce prickly heat happening. After summertime bath or tonsorial hind, attack come loose to go up in the body or the head, can give a person the sense with comfortable scent.

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The talcum powder that sees on, will look to basically have 4 kinds by component: French chalk adds essence, corn flour adds essence, preserved egg pink, pearl powder. The skin with daily to darling talcum powder is comfortable it is very important, loosen among them the external use history of pollen is between Jiang Zhemin all the time active, on natural hurtless foundation, it is special effectual to the red buttock of darling and eczema.

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